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  • chocolate-chip-cookie

    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Lots of chocolate chips combined with bursts of coarse sea salt… not your typical chocolate chip cookie!

    From: $16.00
  • cookie-top-sellers-gift-box

    Top Sellers Cookie Gift Box

    Four types of cookies our customers really love:  Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Oatmeal, Chocolate Walnut Crumb Bars and Oatmeal Raisin.


  • 3b6d4741-62ec-4ba9-a508-e28286577324

    Taste of the Holidays Cookie Gift Box

    Four types of cookies that make us think of sweaters, fireplaces and family: Cranberry Shortbread, German Spice, Chocolate Peppermint and Sugar.


  • 15577805_10208137236365703_1962556788_n

    Cookie Surprise Gift Box

    Can’t decide or maybe you just like surprises? We choose four flavors of cookies for you!


  • chocolate-walnut-crumb-bars

    Chocolate Walnut Crumb Bars

    A fan favorite! Shortbread covered with creamy chocolate fudge and topped with shortbread crumblies, chocolate chips and chopped walnuts.

    From: $18.00
  • 15577805_10208137236365703_1962556788_n

    Bold Flavors Cookie Gift Box

    Four types of cookies that are bursting with flavor: Oatmeal Raisin, German Spice, Sugar and Chocolate Cayenne.


  • cookie-chocolate-lovers-gift-box

    Chocolate Lover’s Cookie Gift Box

    Four types of cookies to satisfy the chocolate lover in your life:  Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Walnut Crumb Bars and Triple Chocolate Espresso.


  • triple-chocolate-espresso-cookie

    Triple Chocolate Espresso Cookies

    A chunky cookie made with dark chocolate, chocolate chips and rich cocoa powder combined with espresso.

    From: $18.00
  • 306ebf68-4aa3-43c3-98ab-f1d41c980180

    Dark Chocolate Almond Cookies

    No flour? No problem! A delicious meringue cookie that doesn’t taste like it’s gluten-free.

    From: $20.00